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Title:How to Make a 10-15 Pound Kid's Bow with PVC Pipe Part 1
Published:10 December 2012
Description:Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Shooting -

Today we're building a very lightweight bow perfect for younger children, the elderly and adults looking to work on their form. It's around 10-15 pounds at 28 inches, which translates to about 5 pounds at 18 inches or so.

I'll be showing how to make a bow in 30-35 degree (F) weather as well as how to impovise a flattening jig with plain boards and a couple end cuts of PVC pipe.

I'm up in Colorado visiting family, so this bow is actually for my childrens' great-grandmother. You can see her take a shot with it at the end of the shooting video.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

The heating trough is made of a non-conductive base like cardboard or wood shaped like a gutter or round tube, covered in a reflective material like aluminum foil or flashing.

Heat Gun or other heat source
Milwaukee Dual Heat (my heat gun) -
Dewalt Heat Gun (heard good things) -
Wagner Heat Gun (works well, not too shock resistant but very economical. Be wary of overheating the machine) -

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