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Title:Fidget Spinner UNDERWATER?!?! - Fidget Spinner EXPERIMENT
Published:26 February 2017
Description:Can We Smash 100+ Likes? I'd be the happiest guy alive.

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Hey Guys my names Alex, I do a ton of Case Clicker & Case Hero Episodes. Not to mention I do CS:GO Gambling aswell. I try to upload every weekday on BOTH of my Channels.

I do a ton of Case Clicker/Hero. I unbox A TON OF CS:GO KNIVES , DRAGON LORES, A MEDUSA , and FIRE SERPENTS. Not to mention do a ton of CASE OPENINGS. I have done SOME CSGO GAMBLING & BETTING. But I prefer to do these apps because some of us cannot afford to gamble CS:GO SKINS. Best of luck to you for reading the description, have a great day, and don't forget to go pow =]!

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These videos are SUPER fun to make, hope you all enjoy watching them.